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Is Microsoft Planner Worth Using?

Here is the rewritten content: Microsoft Planner is a task management and team collaboration tool that is included in the Microsoft 365 suite. It enables teams to visually create, assign, and track tasks and projects using a board-based interface, making it easy to organize work efficiently. Recently, Microsoft introduced Copilot in Planner to simplify planning, […]

New Findings from OpenAI and Anthropic AI Research Shed Light on the Impact of LLMs on Security and Bias

Large language models are challenging to adjust due to their complex neuron-like structures, making it difficult for AI developers to modify their behavior without knowing which neurons connect to what concepts. Anthropic recently released a detailed map of its Claude AI model, while OpenAI published research on understanding GPT-4’s patterns. Anthropic’s map helps researchers explore […]

The Three Key Factors: Pricing, Features, and Ease of Use

Craft Docs is a popular note-taking solution that professionals love for its clean interface and versatile functionality. It offers open-ended note-taking, to-do lists, collaborative document editing, and more. The pricing starts at $8 per month and includes features like templates, AI document editor, and cross-platform support. Craft Docs offers five plans, including a free plan […]

European elections at risk of disruption by DDoS gang

During the ongoing European Parliament elections, the Russia-aligned cyber criminal operation known as NoName057(16) has announced plans to launch widespread distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on internet infrastructure across Europe. The elections, taking place for four days and starting on 6 June in the Netherlands, have already been marred by DDoS attacks on political […]

Understanding Tape Storage: FAQ on Storage Technology

Magnetic tape storage has a rich history as a primary way to store computer data from the 1960s to the 1980s. Although tape is now mostly associated with backup, long-term storage, and archiving, it offers much more potential than commonly recognized. Recent advancements in capacity and performance have expanded the range of applications for tape, […]

Unified Observability: A Collaboration of Cisco and Splunk Tools

Cisco recently announced a new full-stack observability product, the Unified Observability Experience, as part of their acquisition of Splunk. This product makes it easy for customers to connect AppDynamics and Splunk Platform, offering new features such as single sign-on credentials and context-aware deep linking. The Unified Observability Experience will be available in the third quarter […]

Interview with Travelex’s CEO, Richard Wazacz

Richard Wazacz, a tech-savvy chief executive with a strong background in digital businesses, took on the role of leading Travelex in June 2022 amidst the company’s transformation in the post-Covid era. His interest in utilizing technology to drive organizational growth and customer solutions was evident at the Mesh-AI Data & AI Symposium where he discussed […]

Tracking intrusion widespread on vulnerable support websites

Several university, charity, and police websites intended to help individuals seeking assistance for issues like sexual abuse, addiction, or mental health are inadvertently gathering and sharing sensitive data with advertisers. This occurs due to tracking tools such as Meta Pixel and Google Analytics embedded on these sites, allowing advertisers like Google and Meta to access […]

Understanding Data Quality: Definition and Best Practices

Data quality refers to the reliability, accuracy, consistency, and validity of data. Measuring data quality ensures that the data is trustworthy and suitable for its intended purpose, whether it be for analysis, decision-making, or other uses. High-quality data is dependable, error-free, and accurately represents work processes, while low-quality data may be outdated and contain inaccuracies, […]

Potential major security breaches linked to insecure Snowflake accounts

Recent data breaches at Ticketmaster and Santander seem to be linked to unsecured accounts with Snowflake, a cloud data management platform. Ticketmaster confirmed a breach that exposed personal details of over 550 million customers, while Santander has seen data stolen from customers and employees. The cyber criminals behind the breaches, known as ShinyHunters, are demanding […]

Exploring the Purpose of the EU’s AI Office

The European Commission has announced the establishment of a new AI Office to oversee the deployment of general purpose models and the AI Act in the E.U. The office will consist of five units covering various areas, including regulation, innovation, and AI for Societal Good. The purpose of general purpose models is to provide foundational […]

More than 100 Servers Seized in International Malware Takedown Operation

A multinational police coalition, led by the European Union’s justice and police agencies, has launched a major operation against malware droppers dubbed «Operation Endgame.» This initiative aims to combat large-scale malware deployments by targeting droppers and loaders. Over the course of the operation, which took place from May 27 to May 29, four individuals were arrested, more than 100 servers were seized, and control of over 2,000 domains was taken. The arrests occurred in Ukraine and Armenia, with servers being disrupted in various countries including Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, and the U.S. Law enforcement agencies in France, Germany, and the Netherlands […]

Tech Giants Join Forces to Create AI Chip Components

A group of leading technology companies including AMD, Broadcom, Cisco, Google, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Intel, Meta, and Microsoft have joined forces to develop an open industry standard for AI chip technology known as Ultra Accelerator Link (UALink). This technology aims to enhance high-speed, low latency communication between AI accelerator chips in data centers. The […]

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