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2024’s Hottest IT Skills Trends in the UK

Looking ahead to 2024, there may be a more positive outlook for IT professionals in the U.K. following a challenging year in 2023 marked by job cuts from major tech companies. Those seeking new roles

Comparing Costs, Features, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Workday is a powerful human capital management software that is suitable for midsize to large businesses in any industry. It offers extensive automation for HR management tasks, industry-specific solutions, and addons for payroll, reporting, and

Slack Introduces Advanced AI Search and Summarization Features

Slack recently launched its AI assistance, featuring generative AI capabilities to enhance productivity for workers. The new features include message consolidation, smart searches, and summaries for incident reports or tickets. Additionally, personalized channel summarization across

Surge in Volumes of Hunter-Killer Malware Observed

The Picus Security annual report reveals a significant increase in specialised hunter-killer malware that can identify and disable key cyber security tools. This surge in volume demonstrates a shift in threat actors’ ability to neutralize

Top 10 Project Management Ticketing Systems of 2024

Project management software has become increasingly important for organizations, especially with the rise of remote work. These systems help keep employees in sync, ensure project deadlines are met, and improve efficiency in meeting customer expectations.

Understanding Google Gemini: A Comprehensive Guide

Gemini is an AI ecosystem created by Google that includes a chatbot capable of generating responses based on natural language prompts. Unlike traditional Google searches that provide snippets or links, Gemini delivers responses in natural

Which Plan Suits You Best?

Bitwarden offers a password management solution that ensures the secure generation, storage, autofill, and monitoring of credentials for websites and applications. The free version of Bitwarden provides a secure vault for storing credentials, credit cards,

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