Microsoft researchers are training artificial intelligence to comprehend spreadsheets

Creating a generative AI model that can understand spreadsheets can be challenging. Microsoft researchers recently introduced SpreadsheetLLM, an encoding framework designed to help large language models interpret spreadsheet data. This framework has the potential to revolutionize spreadsheet data management and analysis, making user interactions more intelligent and efficient. One advantage of SpreadsheetLLM is the ability […]

Global Microsoft Systems Experience Disruptions Due to CrowdStrike Outage

An error in a CrowdStrike update caused a major disruption to Windows PCs in several countries, including the U.S., U.K., Australia, and South Africa. Emergency services, airports, and law enforcement experienced downtime as a result. The issue, which led to the infamous Blue Screen of Death, was not a security incident or cyberattack, according to […]

Streamline Your Branding and Content Strategy with AI MagicX

TL;DR: You can get a lifetime subscription to AI MagicX for only $99.99, which can help with all your design needs and bring your ideas to life. This platform features AI tools that make logo creation and content generation easy and efficient, saving you time and money. Small business owners often struggle with designing professional […]

Tech giants urge suppliers to enhance Scope 3 data collection for datacentre equipment

Lack of accurate embodied emissions data provided by third parties is hindering Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, and Microsoft’s ability to assess the Scope 3 emissions generated by their activities at datacentres. These companies, along with others like Meta, Digital Realty, and Schneider Electric, have signed an open letter by the iMason Climate Accord, aiming […]

APAC Enterprises Consider Azul as Alternative Following Java Changes by Oracle

Java, a popular programming language globally, is known for being platform-independent, easy to learn, simple to use and secure. It is among the top four developer languages and is widely used in enterprise applications. However, recent changes in Oracle’s Java licensing and pricing since 2019 have caused organizations to explore alternatives like OpenJDK options such […]

Top 7 Paychex Competitors and Alternatives for the Year 2024

Listed below are the top competitors of Paychex and their key features: Paychex: — Starting Price: By quote — Global Payroll: Third-party service — Time and Attendance: Yes — Integrations: 90+ Gusto: — Starting Price: $40/month + $6/user/month — Global Payroll: Yes (7 countries) — Time and Attendance: Yes — Integrations: 190+ QuickBooks Payroll: — […]

Preparing for the 5G Rollout: A Guide for UK Small and Medium Businesses

As digitisation becomes increasingly important for UK businesses, a strong network connection is essential for driving the nation’s economy. To support this, the UK government has invested £40 million to extend 5G coverage to all populated areas by 2030. Small and medium businesses (SMBs) are particularly reliant on a reliable network connection, as downtime can […]

Top 6 UKG Rivals and Substitutes in 2024

Looking for alternatives to UKG Pro? Check out our top six competitors in the human resources software market. Each platform offers unique features and benefits tailored to different business needs. Compare pricing, features, and more to find the best fit for your organization. 1. Dayforce: Best overall for its industry-specific customization and global payroll support. […]

Comparison of QuickBooks Payroll and OnPay for 2024

QuickBooks Payroll and OnPay are both popular options for payroll software, with QuickBooks being better known but OnPay offering a simpler and more user-friendly alternative. QuickBooks Payroll is a more comprehensive option, with additional features like benefits and time-tracking, while OnPay lacks some of these advanced functionalities. QuickBooks integrates well with other Intuit products, like […]