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2023’s Top 10 Stories on AI Regulation

The urgency to regulate artificial intelligence (AI) has increased in 2023 with the release of generative AI (GenAI) models. In the UK, there have been multiple inquiries into various aspects of AI, including autonomous weapon

Top Ten Stories on Police Technology in 2023

Throughout 2023, the UK government and law enforcement have made significant efforts to introduce more digital solutions into policing. These include the use of hyperscale public cloud infrastructure, facial-recognition technologies, and integrated record management systems.

2023’s Top 10 IT Careers and Skills Stories

The ongoing technology skills gap persists, with individuals lacking both the technical skills necessary for digital roles and basic digital skills required for everyday life. As the tech hiring landscape became uncertain in 2023, workers

Tableau Cheat Sheet: Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide

Tableau is a versatile business intelligence and analytics tool that is widely used across industries for reporting and decision-making. It has a reputation for transforming complex data into actionable insights and is favored by professionals

Apple’s Plan: Enabling AI to Run on iPhones and iPads

Apple researchers have contributed to the development of two groundbreaking techniques in generative AI. The first technique overcomes the limitations of running large language models on devices with limited dynamic random access memory (DRAM). While

Top 10 Retail Technology Stories of the Year 2023

Since the inception of retail, customers have consistently made demands of stores and service providers, with the notion that the customer is always right. However, recent increases in prices and the rising cost of living

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