Year of Austerity Sees Salesforce Close Two Acquisitions in 2023

Salesforce had a change of strategy in 2023 when it comes to acquisitions. Despite facing criticism from investors over their spending practices, the company focused on investing more to support their customers’ needs. Instead of numerous AI vendor acquisitions as expected, Salesforce acquired two companies and made investments in various others. They prioritized their venture capital arm, Ventures, and aimed to build a network of partners to help grow their customers’ businesses. While AI remained a focus for Salesforce, they also acquired, a low-code/no-code bot builder, and made updates to their Einstein platform. Salesforce aims to integrate future acquisitions with their existing systems and past purchases. For example, complements their previous acquisition of, as it enables the rapid deployment of bots. Another acquisition, Spiff, offers commission management and tracking software that will enhance Salesforce’s Sales Performance Management suite. The company is committed to filling gaps in their platforms and may focus on data, content generation, ERP, or content analytics in the future. Despite a year of austerity and cost-cutting, Salesforce will continue to invest in Ventures partners that are most valuable to their customers.

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