Time & Material

What is the

Time & Material Model?

When your project is dynamic, fluid, and not clearly defined, the Time & Material (T&M) model is an optimal choice. It gives you the ultimate flexibility to adapt and evolve your project requirements as you go along. In the T&M model, we bill you for the actual work hours put in by our team and the material costs incurred.

The GLOBUS.studio


At GLOBUS.studio, we understand that not every project comes with a clearly defined scope. It’s especially true for projects involving novel ideas, unique services, or technologies. For such projects, the traditional Fixed Price model may not provide the flexibility you need. This is where our T&M model shines.

Flexibility and Scalability

We acknowledge that your project’s requirements can evolve, and we are ready to adapt. This model allows us to alter the project’s direction based on your real-time feedback and changing market trends.

Continuous Communication

Under the T&M model, GLOBUS.studio ensures a continuous flow of communication between you and our team. We update you regularly on the project progress and discuss any potential alterations to the project plan. This transparency ensures that you are never in the dark about your project’s status.

High-Quality Delivery

Even with changing scopes, our commitment to delivering high-quality products remains unwavering. Our experienced team, equipped with cutting-edge technology, guarantees that despite the evolving nature of the project, the quality of the delivered software is always superior.


In the T&M model, you pay for the hours worked. This means that if the project requires less time than anticipated, you save on costs. Also, this model allows you to optimize your budget dynamically according to the project’s phase.

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T & M

How it Works?

1. Project Discussion:

We start by discussing your project, understanding your initial requirements, and establishing the project’s basic framework.

2. Selecting the Team:

Based on the discussion, we assemble a dedicated team of professionals best suited for your project.

3. Development and Review:

The team starts working on the project, keeping you updated at every step. Your feedback is actively sought, and changes are implemented according to your suggestions.

4. Billing:

Once the project reaches a defined stage or after a specified period, we bill you for the actual work done up to that point.

In conclusion, the T&M model at GLOBUS.studio is ideal for projects with a dynamic scope. It ensures flexibility, transparency, cost-efficiency, and high-quality output. Let GLOBUS.studio be your partner in turning your unique ideas into reality.