Fixed Price

What is the

Fixed Price Model?

A Fixed Price model is a risk-free business arrangement, where we agree upon a fixed price for a well-defined project scope. This model works perfectly when your project has a clear objective, well-articulated requirements, and a pre-defined timeline. It allows you to set a budget in advance and avoid unexpected costs.



At, we offer a Fixed Price model for clients who have a well-structured project plan and are looking for certainty in costs and delivery timelines. This model is a testament to our confidence in our planning, estimation, and project management capabilities.

Transparency and Predictability

With the Fixed Price model, you know exactly what you’re getting and how much it will cost from the outset. There are no hidden charges, and the project is carried out within the predetermined budget. This transparency allows for better financial planning and reduces risks associated with budget overruns.

Timely Delivery

We commit to a delivery timeline at the outset and work diligently to ensure that the project is completed within the agreed-upon time frame. We understand the value of time in business and strive to never keep our clients waiting.

Superior Quality

At, a fixed budget does not mean compromised quality. Despite the agreed cost constraints, we do not cut corners. We assure you of the highest quality output, adhering to our stringent standards of excellence.

Defined Scope

The Fixed Price model works best when the project’s scope is clearly defined. It allows our team to focus solely on delivering a solution that perfectly aligns with the pre-decided requirements, reducing the need for changes and revisions.

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Fixed Price

How it Works?

1. Detailed Discussion:

We start with a comprehensive conversation about your project. We need a clear understanding of your project’s requirements, objectives, and expected outcomes.

2. Scope Definition and Pricing:

Post the discussion, our team defines the scope of the project and provides you with a fixed cost for the complete project. This cost is inclusive of all the services required to complete the project within the decided timeline.

3. Project Execution:

Once the price is agreed upon, we start the execution of the project, adhering strictly to the pre-defined scope and timeline. We ensure regular updates on the project progress, keeping you informed at every stage.

4. Project Delivery:

We deliver the project as per the agreed schedule, ensuring it meets all your requirements and quality expectations.

The Fixed Price model at is all about predictability and risk-free collaboration. If you have a well-defined project,’s Fixed Price model will ensure you get your project delivered on time, within budget, and with the highest quality.