What Is the Top Choice for a To-Do List App?

This comprehensive comparison between TickTick and Things 3 provides an analysis of their features, pricing, pros, and cons to help you make an informed decision on which one is the best fit for your needs.

Are you struggling with productivity? If so, TickTick and Things 3 are two excellent task management solutions that can help you with your personal and work tasks. Both apps offer similar features to keep you organized and on track with your daily schedule. However, before committing to either option, it’s important to thoroughly explore and compare them to ensure they meet your individual needs and workflow.

What is TickTick?
TickTick is a task management app that focuses on organizing and managing task lists. It offers various task views, such as list, kanban, and calendar, as well as resources for deadline tracking. Users can create task reminders, time tasks, record their times, and set reminders to achieve specific goals.

What is Things 3?
Things 3 is a productivity checklist designed to assist you in managing personal and work tasks. It helps you stay on top of your daily tasks or long-term goals with its fast and user-friendly interface. Users can search, organize, and filter tasks, as well as set reminders to avoid missing any important tasks.

TickTick vs. Things 3: Comparison table

Features TickTick Things 3

Task management Yes Yes

Time tracking Yes No

Gantt charts Yes No

Operating systems Universal Apple only

Free version Yes No

Starting price $35.99 per year $9.99 one-time purchase

TickTick and Things 3 pricing
Although both applications offer similar functions, their pricing models are drastically different.

TickTick offers two options for potential users – a freemium version and a Premium subscription. The freemium version is available on web, desktop, and mobile devices and allows users to create tasks, view them as lists or kanban boards, time tasks, and access limited performance analytics. The Premium version offers additional features such as Gantt charts, calendar view, more filter options, and advanced analytics.

Things 3:
Things 3 offers several apps that can be purchased as a one-time purchase. The software is designed for creating to-do lists, scheduling tasks, and efficiently managing your calendar. Most versions have access to the same features, with slight variations in the user interface. The desktop version costs $49.99, the mobile versions for iPhone and Apple Watch cost $9.99 each, and the iPad version costs $19.99.

Feature comparison: TickTick vs. Things 3
Both task management solutions offer excellent productivity and scheduling features, but their differences can be critical when making a decision.

Task management:
Both apps allow you to create, schedule, and organize tasks with reminders. You can search and filter tasks quickly in both apps. However, Things 3 primarily focuses on a calendar-based view, while TickTick offers multiple data views, including Gantt charts and the ability to build an Eisenhower matrix. TickTick also allows you to time tasks and set reminders for habit-building goals.

Time tracking:
TickTick offers time tracking features, allowing you to set timers for tasks and view simple analytics on past times. Things 3, on the other hand, does not offer time tracking capabilities, including advanced features like timesheets, automation, detailed reporting, or integrated budgeting tools.

Gantt charts:
TickTick provides data visualizations such as kanban, task lists, and calendars, as well as unique visuals like Gantt charts to track team progress and deadlines. Things 3, being more focused on personal task management, does not offer Gantt charts or extensive work visualizations.

Compatible operating systems (OS):
TickTick is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and web, with additional browser and email extensions. Things 3, however, is exclusively available for Apple devices, including Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch.

TickTick offers a free version that can be downloaded for every operating system. The Premium version has a yearly subscription price of $35.99. Things 3, on the other hand, does not offer any free versions and is a one-time purchase. The desktop version costs $49.99, while the mobile versions for iPhone and Apple Watch cost $9.99 each, and the iPad version costs $19.99.

TickTick pros and cons:
Pros of TickTick:

– Available on multiple operating systems, including web, mobile, and desktop versions.
– Offers a free plan for simple task management.
– Suitable for personal use.

Cons of TickTick:

– Lacks advanced features for complex task management.
– Most important features, such as time tracking and Gantt charts, are only available in the Premium version.
– Limited compared to other free task management tools.

Things 3 pros and cons:
Pros of Things 3:

– Fast and intuitive navigation for scheduling tasks.
– User-friendly interface.
– Suitable for managing personal and work tasks.

Cons of Things 3:

– Only available for Apple devices.
– Not ideal for business team software.
– Limited features compared to other task and project management solutions.

This article considers user reviews, user interface and navigation, functionality, and cost to compare TickTick and Things 3 objectively. Use cases and features were taken into account to determine the suitability of each software for specific purposes.

Should your organization use TickTick or Things 3?
If you’re looking for a personal productivity tool with a minimal learning curve, Things 3 is an excellent option. However, its exclusivity to Apple devices can make it challenging to implement for a business team, considering personal preferences and cost. On the other hand, TickTick offers a free version that can be tested and is compatible with multiple operating systems and devices, making it easier to implement and collaborate with a team. However, compared to other project management software, TickTick may be considered relatively simple. It’s worth considering other tools like Wrike, ClickUp, or Trello, which offer advanced features like advanced reporting, AI, and customization and are better suited for more complex workloads than Things 3 or TickTick.

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