Using data to offer customized health services, Bupa adapts to meet individual needs

Bupa, a private healthcare company serving 7.2 million individuals in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, has implemented technology that enables personalized communication with customers via various channels. The company has transitioned to digital interactions primarily over the past four years, resulting in increased customer engagement and streamlined processes.

The reorganization of IT systems has allowed Bupa to offer tailored services based on individual needs. By integrating customer data across the business, the company now has a comprehensive view of each customer to ensure the right messages reach the right individuals. The use of decision-making software from Pegasystems has been instrumental in sending personalized updates and marketing messages while also safeguarding against inappropriate communication during sensitive situations.

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted Bupa to reevaluate its services and enhance its internal architecture to better meet customer needs. The company has seen growth in customer engagement and improved Net Promotor Scores for dental services as a result of these changes.

With a focus on shifting from product-oriented to customer-centric offerings, Bupa is actively working on integrating healthcare services into its systems. Challenges remain in merging different technologies and data models but efforts are being made to create a unified view of each customer. The company is embracing AI technology to improve operational efficiency and enhance customer experiences, while ensuring a smooth transition from ideation to implementation.

Through initiatives such as the Lighthouse program and the use of Blueprint technology, Bupa is exploring the potential of AI to improve business workflows and streamline processes across various communication channels. By involving individuals from diverse roles within the company, such as marketing, product, and policy, Bupa aims to maximize the benefits of automation and AI technology while maintaining a cautious approach to implementation.

Overall, Bupa’s digital transformation efforts are focused on enhancing customer experiences, improving operational efficiencies, and ensuring a customer-centric approach in all aspects of the business.

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