User Groups Approve SAP’s 50% Rise Incentive

The German SAP user group DSAG has applauded SAP’s new incentive that offers a 50% discount for businesses migrating to the Rise cloud platform. Previously, DSAG had criticized SAP’s decision to limit certain innovations, such as AI and a green ledger, to the Rise platform. In response to customer feedback, SAP has introduced a limited-time offer to reduce migration costs and improve time-to-value. Until the end of 2024, S/4Hana and SAP ECC customers moving to Rise with SAP or Grow with SAP through the Rise with SAP Migration and Modernisation Programme can access credits to offset the cost of maintenance, cloud services, or subscriptions. Christine Grimm, a member of the DSAG executive board, commended SAP’s support for customers transitioning to the cloud and encouraged further collaboration to meet the complex requirements of transformation. Eric van Rossum, CMO for Cloud ERP at SAP, emphasized the importance for customers to migrate and modernize in order to benefit from the latest cloud innovations. The UK Independent SAP User Group (UKISUG) stated that it will assess the implications of SAP’s incentive and gather feedback from members who have already made the move to S/4Hana on-premise. UKISUG chair Paul Cooper expressed appreciation for SAP’s acknowledgement of member concerns and regarded the Rise with SAP Migration and Modernisation Programme as a positive step. However, Cooper emphasized the need for SAP to make innovations available through SAP’s Business Technology Platform and urged further action in this regard.

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