Unilever offers recipe assistance to visually impaired shoppers

Unilever, in collaboration with accessibility app developer Be My Eyes, has developed tools to assist blind or visually impaired shoppers. The initial trial involves the integration of Be My Eyes technology with Colman’s Singapore Noodles Meal Maker in the UK. By scanning the accessible QR code on the pack, customers can access the Be My Eyes app, which connects them with volunteers or an AI chatbot to provide assistance with cooking instructions, recipes, and general queries. This partnership marks the first time Be My Eyes technology has been implemented in a food product. Unilever is working with Be My Eyes to train volunteers and provide specific product information and data to the AI chatbot. Additionally, Unilever’s customer support is integrated into the Be My Eyes app, allowing shoppers to connect with the Colman’s careline team for further assistance. By digitizing product packaging with QR codes, Unilever aims to enhance the shopping experience for all customers and make its products more accessible. The company plans to expand this accessible technology to other brands and products in the near future, incorporating user feedback to optimize its functionality.

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