Understanding Google Gemini: A Overview of Its Functions

Gemini, Google’s AI system, consists of a chatbot that generates responses to user prompts using natural language. Unlike traditional Google searches, Gemini provides responses in natural language obtained from the internet. Originally called Bard, Gemini was introduced by Google in February 2023 after AI advancements by OpenAI and Microsoft. In May 2023, Google highlighted AI advancements in its I/O event. The product was officially renamed Gemini on February 8, 2024.

Gemini is used for a variety of tasks including summarizing text, comparing items, suggesting products or services, explaining topics, brainstorming ideas, coding, drafting text, and creating images. Users can access Gemini by signing in via a web browser or mobile app, and it is available in over 40 languages across more than 230 countries. Gemini is free to use, with advanced features offered through a premium plan.

The system uses a large language model developed by Google, and it can access the internet to provide responses. Users can manage their activity history on Gemini, and Google advises caution when sharing personal information with the system. Gemini is powered by Google’s LLM model, with PaLM 2 used in languages other than English. Overall, Gemini provides a unique AI experience with access to current internet content.

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