Top Ten IT Leadership Interviews in 2023

In challenging economic times, IT leaders face the pressure of managing tight budgets and limited resources, all while driving innovation and improving competitiveness and service quality. The importance of digital transformation and the role of technology in achieving results are widely recognized in both the private and public sectors. As a result, there is a significant emphasis on the leaders responsible for digital, technology, and data within organizations.

Computer Weekly has had the privilege of interviewing some of the top technology leaders in the world, and their insights are valuable for those looking to develop and implement IT strategies that drive business improvement, support employees, and advance careers. Here are the top 10 interviews with IT leaders in 2023 featured in Computer Weekly:

1. Richard Corbridge, the former CIO of Boots and current Chief Digital and Information Officer (CDIO) at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), shares his experiences of managing one of Europe’s largest IT estates and his excitement in delivering the department’s vision.

2. Clare Lansley, CIO at Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One, discusses the role of IT leaders in the modern era and her passion for being in her dream job in the world of Formula One.

3. Athina Kanioura, Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer at PepsiCo, talks about her mission to transform the operational processes of the multinational food and beverage company and make it a completely different organization.

4. Stuart Hughes, CDIO at Rolls-Royce, shares his drive to use data to give the aerospace and defense giant a competitive advantage and his satisfaction in finding creative solutions at one of the world’s most renowned engineering firms.

5. David Glick, Senior Vice President at Walmart’s Enterprise Business Services, highlights the importance of technology in supporting employees and how Walmart has shifted from outsourcing software to in-house development.

6. Andrew Curry, Manager of ExxonMobil’s Central Data Office, discusses his extensive experience in driving digital transformation within the oil and gas industry and the creation of the central data office to execute company-wide data principles.

7. Lalo Luna, Global Head of Strategy and Insights at Heineken, focuses on using his data leadership skills to help the brewing giant leverage emerging technologies and the wealth of information it possesses.

8. Hans van der Waal, Global IT Director at Travelex, describes the company’s digital transformation journey after facing significant losses due to the pandemic and cyber attacks and the use of cloud computing and customer-facing apps.

9. Data Bob, or Robert Michael, Group Head of Data at DFS, talks about his efforts to turn data into valuable insights and his nickname’s positive impact on breaking down barriers and promoting data management across the organization.

10. Adam Warne, CIO at River Island, shares his transition from digital pure-plays to the retail industry and his experience leading digital transformation initiatives that include changes to enterprise systems and technological innovations.

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