Top 6 Windows Open Source Password Managers to Consider in 2024

Top Open-Source Password Managers for Windows

1. Bitwarden: Rated the best overall, Bitwarden offers extensive features and can integrate with single sign-on providers. It allows for smooth access using Windows Hello and offers self-hosted or cloud-based options. Pricing starts at $0 or less than $1/month.

2. Keeper: Known for its security features, Keeper uses a zero-trust architecture and zero-knowledge encryption. It offers multi-factor authentication and SSO authentication, and pricing starts at $2/user/month.

3. Enpass: Ideal for offline password management, Enpass can store data locally or in various cloud environments. It offers encryption and syncing across different cloud accounts. Pricing starts at $1.99/month.

4. Proton Pass: Similar to Enpass, Proton Pass offers offline functionality and unlimited password storage. It has a user-friendly interface and protects data with features like Proton Sentinel. Pricing starts at $0 or $1.99/month.

5. KeePass: This free password manager can be carried on a USB stick and does not require installation. It offers customizable features through plugins but lacks some advanced features. It is completely free and open-source.

6. Passbolt: Designed for team collaboration, Passbolt allows real-time password sharing and role-based access control. It offers user management and SSO integration, with pricing starting at $0 or $49/month.

When choosing an open-source password manager for your business, consider factors such as security features, team collaboration capabilities, and compatibility with your existing systems. Evaluate the specific needs of your business before making a decision.

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