Top 6 Payroll Services for Small Businesses with One Employee

Small business owners, especially those with one employee, often struggle with managing payroll. It can be overwhelming to handle all the tax calculations, invoicing, record-keeping, and other payroll operations while also trying to grow the business. However, there are payroll software and services available that can automate these tasks and alleviate the complexities for one-employee businesses. This content provides a review of the best payroll services for one employee to help small business owners make an informed decision.

The content is divided into sections that compare the features, pricing, and pros and cons of different payroll software options for one-employee businesses. The featured payroll software options include ADP, Gusto, Paychex, QuickBooks, Paylocity, and Square Payroll. Each software is evaluated based on a star rating and key features such as automated payroll, mobile app, advanced reporting, and pricing.

The section on ADP highlights its range of customizable payroll solutions suitable for different business sizes, including microbusinesses. ADP offers options like Roll by ADP, a chat-based payroll app for small businesses, and ADP RUN, which provides automated payroll tools and basic human resource tools and benefits. ADP also offers a managed payroll service called ADP TotalSource, where they handle payroll and HR processes for you. The pricing for ADP’s payroll solutions is not listed online, and interested parties need to contact the sales team for a specific price quote.

Gusto, on the other hand, is recommended as the best payroll software for scalability. It offers automation of HR and payroll-related tasks, including processing payroll in multiple jurisdictions and submitting new-hire reports. Gusto has three pricing plans and is known for its user-friendly interface and integration with third-party apps.

Paychex is described as the best option for tax handling and provides an all-in-one platform for payroll, HR, and benefits. Paychex Flex, its payroll package for one-employee businesses, offers automated and manual payroll services, different payment options, and features like voice assistant for payroll tasks. Paychex Flex has various pricing plans, and the essential plan is the most affordable option listed.

QuickBooks Online Payroll is another popular choice for one-employee businesses, known for its customizable payroll reports and seamless integration with QuickBooks Online for real-time updates. It ensures compliance by collecting relevant information and offers features like automatic payroll tax filing. QuickBooks Payroll has three pricing plans with a discount for the first three months.

Paylocity is recommended for its easy setup and comprehensive payroll solution. Though it may be more expensive than other payroll options for one-employee businesses, it offers a range of HR services and enables automation, accuracy, and compliance with various regulations. Paylocity provides customizable dashboards, reports, and insights into payroll operations and is scalable for growing businesses.

Lastly, Square Payroll is praised for its payment flexibility and affordability. It offers automatic payroll and tax filing, as well as options for paying employees with different methods and scheduling payments. Square Payroll integrates with other payment processing and accounting software, and its contractor-only plan is ideal for employers working with contractors.

The content concludes by mentioning key features to consider when choosing payroll software for one-employee businesses, such as scalability, automation, user-friendliness, security, and customization. It offers tips for choosing the right software, such as considering essential features, compliance, integrations, pricing, and customer support. Finally, the methodology used for selecting and rating the payroll software options is described, based on criteria like pricing, features, user-friendliness, customer service, and expert analysis.

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