Top 5 Monitor Bargains in July 2024

For those in need of a high-resolution and wide-screen monitor, whether for graphic design, programming, or simply to enhance their setup, we have selected the best monitor deals available today. These monitors offer features such as curved screens, blue light filters, and fast refresh rates that can benefit various users, including video content creators.

Our selection of “the best deals” was based on user reviews, quality of the product, features available, and the discount offered. We considered the base price compared to competitors and these deals do not require Amazon Prime membership.

Please note that pricing and product availability were accurate at the time of publication.

Here are the top monitor deals for July 2024:

1. Samsung Odyssey G3: Best performance for your buck
– Sale price: $119.99 (usually $199.99)
– Suitable for business, online classes, or casual gaming
– $80 savings
– Splendid image quality with easily adjustable stand

2. Acer EZ321Q: Best for long work days
– Sale price: $159.99 (usually $199.99)
– Widescreen display with blue light reducer and reduced reflections
– Ideal for extended work days

3. Samsung Odyssey G50D: Best for color
– Sale price: $279.99 (usually $429.99)
– 35% discount on mid-range gaming monitor
– Adjustable stand, Eye Saver Mode, and good picture quality

4. LG UltraGear OLED Gaming Monitor (2022): Best for high performance
– Sale price: $635.99 (usually $999.99)
– Higher refresh rate, NVIDIA G-SYNC, HDMI 2.1, and DisplayPort 1.4
– Wider and narrower design for cinematic experience or enhanced productivity

5. Acer Nitro KG241Y: Best second screen
– Sale price: $119.99 (usually $172.99)
– Affordable HD monitor with good quality
– Suitable as a second screen for extra workspace

These monitors offer a range of features and prices to cater to different needs and preferences.

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