Top 5 Free Password Managers in 2024

– Bitwarden is the best overall free password manager due to its unlimited password storage and device access, as well as its open-source and secure nature.
– KeePass is the best choice for customizability as it offers downloadable plugins and extensions for added features and functionality.
– Enpass is recommended for integration with third-party cloud services, allowing users to choose their preferred location for storing their password data.
– NordPass is best for future-proof encryption, utilizing the XChaCha20 encryption algorithm for added security.
– Zoho Vault is the top pick for multi-factor authentication, offering a variety of options such as YubiKey and biometrics.
– When choosing a free password manager for business, look for unlimited password storage and device access, as well as multi-factor authentication.
– The review methodology involved evaluating the encryption, password storage, multi-factor authentication, and device access of each password manager through firsthand experience and research. Individual reviews were conducted to supplement the analysis.

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