Switch to Pure results in music agency cutting space and energy costs by half

SUISA, a copyright and royalties agency based in Switzerland, has successfully reduced datacentre rackspace and energy costs by 50% after switching from EMC all-flash hardware to Pure Storage arrays. The move has also allowed the organization to overcome capacity limitations and simplify storage administration tasks. With the new storage solution, SUISA can recover databases in seconds, compared to hours or days in the past, and the contract with Pure includes lifetime storage technology upgrades. SUISA represents more than 40,000 musicians and collects performance data from various channels to ensure proper royalty payments. In 2023 alone, the agency handled billions of records from Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, and more. Previously relying on disk-based storage, SUISA switched to all-flash hardware from EMC in 2014. However, capacity limits and management complexity led the organization to consider Pure Storage arrays. SUISA now utilizes Pure’s FlashArray//M, //X, and //C variants, taking up only half the datacentre space and reducing energy costs. SUISA has embraced Pure’s Evergreen//Forever purchasing model, allowing the organization to buy hardware outright and receive lifetime upgrades. The move to Pure has simplified maintenance procedures and provided rapid availability of SQL database restores. Furthermore, Pure Storage’s deduplication feature has achieved up to 90:1 data reduction for SUISA’s SQL databases.

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