Step-by-Step Tutorial: Creating Charts with Google Bard

Google Bard, an AI-powered chatbot, has been updated to include the ability to create charts from data tables. This new feature allows users to not only gather data but also visualize it in a chart format, which can be beneficial for research, learning, and data analysis. To use Bard’s charting capabilities, users need to sign in with their personal Google account and follow any relevant guidelines and policies for using AI tools in an organizational setting.

There are two options for creating a chart with Bard. The first option involves a two-phase process of creating a table and then generating a chart. Users can prompt Bard to provide them with specific data in a table format, and then instruct Bard to create a chart based on that data. Bard will generate a chart, such as a pie chart or bar graph, along with a title.

The second option allows users to provide their own data for Bard to create a chart. Users can copy data from a Google Sheet and paste it into a prompt, asking Bard to create a chart from that data. Bard will generate a chart and a title based on the provided data.

If users are not satisfied with the initial chart generated by Bard, they have two options. They can select the “Regenerate Draft” option to allow Bard to generate a new chart based on the same data, which may result in a different type of chart. Alternatively, users can select the “Modify” button to access alternative chart types or customization options.

To save and share a Bard-created chart, users can take a screenshot of the chart and share it as an image. Currently, the share options for Bard charts are limited, so a screenshot is the best way to capture and share the chart content.

If users encounter issues with Bard’s charting functionality, such as seeing code or charts from the internet instead of their own data, they can try switching to a personal Google account instead of an organizational account. Different account settings or access permissions may affect Bard’s charting capabilities.

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