Sorry State of Cyber Security at UK Football Clubs Revealed in Report

A new report by security consultancy NCC Group, in collaboration with the University of Oxford and Phoenix Sport and Media Group, highlights the lack of cyber resilience among UK football clubs, putting the data of fans and players at risk. The report emphasizes the need for IT and security teams in the football industry, as well as other sports, to have sufficient resources. The report aims to raise awareness of the vulnerabilities faced by the industry and provide practical solutions to prevent and prepare for cyber attacks. By implementing the strategies outlined in the report, the industry can reduce cyber threats and protect brand reputation, information confidentiality, and the integrity of players and organizations. Key concerns identified in the report include a lack of cyber maturity, outdated approaches to cybersecurity, limited deployment of IT and cybersecurity roles, and boards unwilling to allocate resources to improve the situation. The report recommends establishing an industry-wide standard for cybersecurity budgets, improving training and awareness, and hiring dedicated cybersecurity professionals.

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