SME Resellers left in uncertainty as Microsoft excludes them from Cloud Compute 2 framework

Microsoft has faced criticism for not informing its partners about its decision to ban the resale of its cloud services through a new government procurement framework. The ban has resulted in several Microsoft reseller partners being excluded from the £1.35bn purchasing agreement. While partners are still able to resell services from other cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud, they are prohibited from reselling Microsoft services. Microsoft has yet to provide a formal explanation for its decision, leading to frustration among affected partners. Some partners have been told by Microsoft representatives that the ban was a deliberate policy choice. The ban could indicate a change in Microsoft’s go-to-market strategy, causing concern among partners. The Crown Commercial Service, the government’s procurement body, confirmed that Microsoft did not grant permission for its services to be resold through the framework. Microsoft declined to comment on the situation.

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