Slack Introduces Advanced AI Search and Summarization Features

Slack recently launched its AI assistance, featuring generative AI capabilities to enhance productivity for workers. The new features include message consolidation, smart searches, and summaries for incident reports or tickets. Additionally, personalized channel summarization across multiple channels and integration with Salesforce Einstein Copilot are in the pipeline. These AI capabilities aim to save time and streamline information organization, ultimately equipping users to make better business decisions. The AI features run on a proprietary large language model within Slack, with customer data kept separate and not used for training other models. The availability and pricing information for Slack AI depends on the organization’s subscription plan, and it is currently only offered in U.S. and UK English, with plans to expand to other languages in the future. Slack plans to release more AI features, including personalized digests and additional AI-powered app integrations. Competitors to Slack, such as Microsoft Teams, Google’s Chat, ClickUp, Rocket.Chat, and Mattermost, also offer their own AI features.

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