Securden Password Vault 2024 Review: Analyzing Security, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Securden Password Vault is a password management solution designed to oversee multiple accounts and sensitive login credentials. It offers various auditing, reporting, and monitoring features that make it suitable for IT managers and supervisors. While the pricing information is not transparent, the software offers a 14-day free trial period for users to try out the different plans.

Securden Password Vault is available for free, with the Starter version offering unlimited password storage, granular account sharing, and folder tree navigation. This is a good option for small teams in need of a basic password management tool. However, more advanced features like SSH Keys, periodic sync with Active Directory, audit trails, and SIEM integration are only available in the paid versions.

The pricing for Securden Password Vault is quote-based, and there are four price tiers: Starter, Teams, Enterprise, and Enterprise PAM. To get an estimate, users need to answer an online questionnaire. If you prefer a password solution with clear pricing, ManageEngine Password Manager Pro is recommended for enterprise-level needs.

Securden offers a 14-day free trial for all their subscriptions, allowing users to explore the features of each plan. It is worth taking advantage of these trials as they do not require any credit or payment information.

Based on assessment, the Starter plan is best for small businesses with basic password management needs. The Teams plan is suitable for small-to-medium-sized businesses requiring folder sharing, account importing/exporting, and SSH key storage. The Enterprise plan offers advanced features like custom user roles, SQL clustering, and SIEM integration. Securden also provides a PAM solution for comprehensive user and resource management.

In terms of security, Securden Password Vault utilizes AES-256 data encryption, an industry-standard used by banks and the U.S. government. Securden claims that each encryption key is unique to every installation and automatically generated. While there is limited information on third-party security audits, the software hasn’t been involved in any data breach or hacking incidents.

Securden Password Vault includes features like folder trees for better organization, audit trails for activity logs, and a reports dashboard for generating different types of reports. The software offers several multi-factor authentication options and allows for periodic data backups and customizable user roles.

The user interface of Securden Password Vault is clean and well-designed, with easy access to all features. However, the password capture and replay feature may not be as ideal as other consumer-facing password managers. For better password capture and replay functionality, alternatives like Dashlane or NordPass are recommended.

Overall, Securden Password Vault is a safe option for password management, though it can provide more information on its security measures. It offers a range of features suitable for different-sized organizations, and the generous free trials allow users to explore the software before committing to a plan.

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