Royal Academy of Engineering Discovers Significant Diversity Challenge Within UK Deep Tech Sector

A recent report from the Royal Academy of Engineering in the UK has shed light on the lack of gender diversity within deep tech companies. The report found that less than 10% of these companies are founded by all-female teams, with the majority being founded by all-male teams. The report attributes this disparity to the low number of women studying STEM subjects in the UK, as well as challenges within the investor landscape that affect female entrepreneurs and potential founders. The lack of diversity within deep tech founding teams presents potential challenges for the sector, such as limited innovation potential and access to diverse markets and perspectives. While there is more gender diversity among executive and senior management teams, with almost 40% having mixed-gender teams, the majority are still all male. The report suggests that increasing support for women entrepreneurs, promoting STEM education among girls and women, and removing barriers and biases are key strategies to increase female participation and leadership in the deep tech sector.

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