Red Hat Highlights AI and Strategic Thinking as Key Skills Gaps in the UK

Red Hat’s survey reveals the most in-demand skills in the U.K. job market, with strategic thinking and business-level problem-solving topping the list. Artificial intelligence (AI) skills, particularly related to large language models, also ranked highly. The survey also highlighted the need for expertise in agile delivery, continuous integration, continuous delivery pipelines, GitOps, automation, cybersecurity, problem-solving, and leadership. However, the lack of time for necessary changes, training budget, and cross-team learning opportunities were identified as the main reasons for the IT skills shortage. Additionally, the slow adoption of latest processes, lack of training budget, and difficulty in recruiting and retaining talent were recognized as the biggest barriers to innovation. Red Hat emphasized the importance of building expertise in areas such as data bias, ethics of AI, and model explainability. Furthermore, experts noted that generative AI has influenced the job market by increasing demand for AI specialists and adapting job specifications. However, there is also concern about job displacement, although AI is expected to create new opportunities for different roles. The impact of generative AI on technology has been compared to that of cloud computing, leading to a high demand for skills to support its adoption. As a result, certain new roles such as prompt engineers and Heads of AI are expected to emerge in the industry. Nash Squared highlighted that, while there is still a demand for talent, competition has decreased due to cutbacks made by overstaffed tech companies. Overall, companies are exploring ways to leverage generative AI to improve productivity and create new opportunities.

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