Price, Options, Advantages & Disadvantages

Fast Facts about Odoo CRM:
– Our star rating: 4.08/5
– Pricing: Free for one app; starts at $31.10 per user per month billed annually
– Key features: Smart automated actions, lead scoring and segmentation, lead generation from social media platforms, self-service customer portal, VOIP integration, dynamic dashboards and reports.

Odoo CRM is an open-source customer relationship management platform that offers robust tools for lead scoring and tracking, sales forecasting, and activity tracking. It provides a cloud or self-hosted version, making it perfect for multi-location organizations seeking a cost-effective solution without local installation.

While Odoo CRM is free, paid subscriptions unlock additional functionalities like accounting and sales. However, it is limited to other Odoo apps, which may be restrictive for companies with existing systems.

Pricing for Odoo CRM:
– Free if only using the app alone
– Additional apps are paid
– 15-day free trial before upgrading to a paid plan
– Two paid plans: Standard and Custom
– Standard plan: $31.10 per user, per month billed annually; or $38.90 per user, per month
– Custom plan: $46.70 per user, per month billed annually; or $58.40 per user, per month
– First-year subscription discounts available

Key Features of Odoo CRM:
– Smart automation: Set up automated actions based on specific conditions to streamline tasks like lead status updates and follow-up emails.
– Predictive lead scoring and segmentation: Assign leads based on conversion probability, with customizable settings.
– Lead generation from social media: Add social media accounts to the dashboard, create leads from social posts and comments.
– Self-service customer portal: Provides customers with access to relevant data and communication channels, including signature requests.

Pros of Odoo CRM:
– Intuitive user interface with an easy-to-navigate dashboard.
– Robust lead and pipeline management features.
– Extensive community resources and tutorials.

Cons of Odoo CRM:
– Free plan limited to one app.
– Integrations exclusively for Odoo apps.
– Steep learning curve and limited support.

Alternatives to Odoo CRM:
– Freshsales: Offers AI-powered tools and seamless collaboration between departments.
– HubSpot CRM: Provides free tools and integrations for up to 2,500 users.
– SuiteCRM: All-in-one open-source platform with customizable features and downloadable or cloud-hosted options.

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