Oxford Achieves Groundbreaking Security Upgrade in Quantum Cloud Computing

Scientists at Oxford University have made a breakthrough in the security and privacy of quantum cloud computing, bringing businesses closer to its widespread use. Using a method called ‘blind quantum computing,’ the researchers were able to connect two quantum computing entities securely. In this approach, the quantum server provider does not need to know any details of the computation, ensuring the user’s proprietary work remains secure. The researchers believe their method can be scaled up to large quantum computations and could be used to develop plug-in devices that safeguard data during remote access to quantum cloud computing services. Quantum cloud computing allows users to access quantum resources remotely over the internet, eliminating the need for specialized hardware or expertise. The potential impact of quantum computing on businesses includes solving supply chain problems, optimizing routes, and securing communications. The researchers’ experiment, funded by the UK Quantum Computing and Simulation Hub, addresses the need for privacy and security in quantum computing and could be a major step forward in this regard.

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