NCSC Extends a Warm Invitation to Security Professionals to Join the Majors

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) in the UK has introduced a new initiative called Cyber League, aimed at bringing together security experts from within the NCSC and the broader industry to address urgent cyber threats in the country. The group will comprise diverse experts who will collaborate and utilise their unique knowledge and skills to participate in activities such as discussion groups and analytic workshops. Organisations interested in joining the Cyber League must be involved in the cyber security or threat intelligence industry and demonstrate a significant connection to the UK. The initiative will complement the NCSC’s existing Industry 100 (i100) secondment programme, and aims to provide value to those who may have limited time but still possess relevant experience and expertise. Raj Samani, SVP and chief scientist at Rapid7, praised the NCSC for promoting the sharing of skills and information through the Cyber League. The NCSC’s outgoing CEO, Lindy Cameron, has made collaboration with the wider industry a priority for the organisation, aiming to meet the government’s goals for cyber security. The new chief technology officer, Ollie Whitehouse, emphasised the importance of understanding the collective weaknesses of UK businesses and preparing for significant cyber events. Whitehouse acknowledged the increased aggression and technical prowess of adversaries and the need to be ready for cyber attacks.

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