NasuniIQ Introduces Visual Representation for Handling Large Unstructured Datasets

Nasuni NAS file storage customers can now use NasuniIQ to visualize their distributed and unstructured data in Grafana-powered dashboards. This functionality, included with the Nasuni File Data Platform, allows customers to analyze and visualize data from multiple locations, answer questions about the data, and assess its usage and cost. NasuniIQ is also highlighted as a valuable tool for curating datasets for AI processing. It gathers intelligence from multiple Nasuni edge file storage instances to create a centralized view of file activity and can provide visualizations of user access, access patterns, storage consumption, and performance. NasuniIQ is particularly useful for companies with large amounts of globally distributed data and those using chargeback to their departments. Nasuni emphasizes the importance of data curation for AI training datasets, as clean and high-quality data is crucial for accurate outputs. Nasuni offers a cloud-based global file system that replaces traditional NAS, integrating with cloud object storage and providing features such as file locking, edge appliances, and deduplication. NasuniIQ is currently shipped with the Nasuni File Data Platform at no additional cost, but a more advanced version may be developed in the future.

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