More Information on Release Date and Price

Apple unveiled its long-awaited AR headset, Vision Pro, at the 2023 Worldwide Developers Conference. Priced at $3,499 with 256GB of storage, it is more than three times the price of its main competitor, Meta’s Quest Pro VR headset. Preorders will begin on January 19, with the official release date set for February 2. Initially, the AR headset will only be available in the US, with other countries following later in the year. Vision Pro is designed to augment reality rather than immerse users in a virtual world. It offers a range of features, including virtual meetings, highly rendered avatars, 3D images, and film viewing on a large screen. The user interface mimics that of a Mac or an iPhone, but in 3D. The custom micro-OLED display system features 23 million pixels, providing excellent resolution and real-life colors. Vision Pro can be used as a traditional computer with multiple large displays and allows users to customize how they see their apps. The headset is powered by the M2 and R1 chips, with the R1 chip responsible for real-time 3D mapping and eye-tracking. Navigation can be done through hand gestures and the digital crown. The product design features a 3D-formed laminated glass enclosure that morphs into an aluminum alloy frame. Vision Pro analyzes an environment’s acoustic properties to create ambient Spatial Audio. It also offers an immersive home theater experience and supports AR FaceTime. The headset has a two-hour battery life with an external battery. Developers can submit apps to the Apple Vision Pro’s App Store, and most iPadOS and iOS apps are compatible with the headset’s operating system, visionOS. While the Vision Pro’s price may be high compared to alternatives, it brings a revolutionary approach to AR technology and showcases Apple’s commitment to quality.

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