Microsoft Announces £2.5bn Investment to Double AI Datacentre Capacity in the UK

Microsoft has announced plans to invest £2.5bn in the UK over the next three years to significantly expand its datacentre footprint and enhance its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. As part of this investment, Microsoft aims to double the size of its datacentre infrastructure supporting AI, bringing in over 20,000 advanced graphics processing units by 2026. The company also plans to collaborate with the UK government and universities to research AI safety measures. This investment is the largest ever made by Microsoft in the UK and demonstrates its commitment to expanding its AI infrastructure. UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Chancellor Jeremy Hunt have both expressed their support for this investment, recognizing its significance in making the UK a global AI leader. Microsoft’s CEO, Clare Barclay, stated that this investment reflects their dedication to meeting the rising demand for AI technologies in the country and contributing to a prosperous future.

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