Market Share and Strategy of Storage Suppliers in 2023

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This article provides information on the top storage array makers and their strategies towards the cloud, containers, and consumption models of procurement. The rankings are based on IDC market share statistics for 2022 in terms of enterprise external storage. Below is a brief summary of each player and their position in the market.

1. Dell EMC: With a market share of 29.7%, Dell EMC is the biggest player among storage array makers. Their cloud strategy focuses on their Apex consumption model, extending the cloud operating model across customer on-site storage and cloud locations. They also offer container storage capability through enhanced container storage interface (CSI) driver plug-ins.

2. HPE: Ranking joint second with a market share of 9.9%, HPE is a full stack provider and not just a storage supplier. They have revamped their storage offer with products like Alletra MP and their Greenlake as-a-service portfolio. HPE aims to be seen as an “edge-to-cloud company” and provides container storage capabilities via CSI drivers in Alletra MP.

3. Huawei: Also ranking joint second with a market share of 9%, Huawei is a full stack IT hardware provider. They offer enterprise storage through their OceanStor Dorado, OceanStor Pacific, and OceanStor product lines. While Huawei has a range of cloud storage options, they lack storage consumption purchasing models for on-premise hardware.

4. NetApp: NetApp ranks third with a market share of 8.3%. They are a pure-play storage supplier and have a clear cloud strategy. Their storage array products include AFF, ASA, and E-series arrays, as well as StorageGrid for object storage. NetApp allows for connectivity to major public clouds and offers consumption models of storage purchasing through Keystone.

5. Pure Storage: Pure Storage is another pure-play storage supplier with a market share of 6%. They are known for their proprietary DirectFlash Modules and offer a range of flash storage products. Pure Storage is focused on a cloud operating model and provides various cloud-based storage solutions.

6. Hitachi Vantara: With a market share of 4.4%, Hitachi Vantara is a full-stack IT provider. They offer flagship storage solutions such as the Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) 5000 series and Hitachi Content Platform for unstructured data. Hitachi’s cloud offer includes the ability to extend datacentres to Equinix locations using Hitachi Ops Center hybrid cloud data management tools.

It’s important to note that IBM, although historically a major player in IT, has dropped out of the top six storage array makers according to IDC’s 2022 figures. IBM has focused on re-tooling for the cloud and offering as-a-service delivery, including storage solutions like FlashSystem and DS8K. Their cloud strategy is centered around the use of containers and cloud-native applications.

For more detailed information on each supplier, you can refer to the longer profiles published by Computer Weekly (link provided in each section). Market share data from IDC for the calendar year 2022 is also included.

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