IT Capabilities are Critical to Achieving the Australian Government’s Manufacturing Objectives

Australia’s government has recently announced initiatives to strengthen the local manufacturing industry. To achieve this, the government aims to support the IT sector’s involvement in manufacturing. The Future Made in Australia Act, which will be introduced in the coming months, plans to boost investment, create jobs, and seize opportunities. One example of this investment is the government’s $1 billion support for domestic solar panel manufacturing. The government has five key objectives for the manufacturing sector: revitalizing manufacturing, boosting investment, aligning national and economic security, encouraging private sector involvement, and promoting self-sufficiency. IT will play a crucial role in modernizing the manufacturing industry and enabling the intended outcomes. IT professionals will be in high demand as the manufacturing sector scales up its Industry 4.0 capabilities. They will be needed to implement advanced automation, improve communication within the manufacturing process, enhance design capabilities, enable customization, promote sustainability, reduce costs, and address skill shortages in areas like digital twins, data analytics, visualisation, AI, and application development. IT will also be instrumental in ensuring cyber security and protecting intellectual property in the manufacturing sector. IT professionals should understand the business objectives of manufacturing and the sector’s unique relationship with technology to seize the opportunities presented by the government’s investment in manufacturing.

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