ISC2 introduces new accreditations driven by the push for security-by-design

ISC2, a professional security training and accreditation body, is set to launch a new software security certification in response to the growing adoption of security-by-design principles around the world. The certification aims to upskill professionals in this important area of security practice. Security-by-design is an approach to software and hardware development that prioritizes security through continuous testing, authentication standards, and coding best practices. It addresses the common problem of security being neglected in product development. The UK’s upcoming Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Act enforces security-by-design for connected products. Both the UK and US cyber agencies have also published guidelines on incorporating security into the development of artificial intelligence systems. ISC2’s recent Cybersecurity Workforce Study found a skills gap in application security, indicating increasing demand for professionals with expertise in this area. To address these trends, ISC2’s Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional Self-Paced training course focuses on skills in authentication, authorization, and auditing throughout the software development lifecycle. It incorporates AI features to provide adaptive and personalized learning experiences based on each learner’s unique needs and knowledge. The course enables professionals to develop in-demand skills and meet market demands for secure technology development.

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