Is ChatGPT Inferior to Gemini?

In November 2022, OpenAI, a company backed by Microsoft, released its generative AI system called ChatGPT to the public, putting it in competition with Google and others in the AI space. Just over a year later, Google announced the launch of its most advanced AI system to date, called Gemini, which will be rolled out starting in December 2023.

This article provides a comparison of the key features and pricing details for ChatGPT and Gemini, so you can determine which system is better suited for your business needs.

Comparison Table: Gemini vs. ChatGPT


Notable editions and availabilityGemini Ultra, Announced for 2024Gemini Pro, Dec. 2023Gemini Nano, Dec. 2023GPT-4, March 2023GPT-3.5, Nov. 2022

Free chatbot accessGoogle Bard (use to access Gemini Pro)ChatGPT (access to GPT-3.5)

Paid chatbot accessNone (as of early February 2024)ChatGPT Plus, $20/month (access to GPT-4 with DALL-E, browsing and analysis); ChatGPT Team, $30/month ($25/month, paid annually); ChatGPT Enterprise (contact sales

API accessYes, Gemini Pro.Yes, GPT-4 Turbo, GPT-4, GPT-3.5 and others.

Visit GeminiVisit ChatGPT

Both Gemini and ChatGPT offer free and paid options for their chatbot and API services.

Gemini chatbot pricing:
– Free: Users in countries where Google Bard is available can try Gemini Pro for free by using Bard with a Google account. Few details have been released about a future release of Bard Advanced.

ChatGPT chatbot pricing:
– Free: Users can access ChatGPT with GPT-3.5 for free by signing up for an OpenAI account.
– Paid: ChatGPT Plus is a paid option that costs $20/month and provides access to GPT-4 with browsing and analysis features, as well as access to DALL-E for image generation.
– Third-party: Several third-party apps offer ChatGPT as an option with limited free usage or paid upgrades for more accurate models and prompts.

Gemini developer pricing:
– Free with limits: Developers can access Gemini Pro for free in Google AI Studio with up to 60 requests per minute.
– Free now, paid upon general availability: Developers can also access Gemini Pro for free in Vertex AI, but once it becomes generally available in 2024, pricing will apply based on character input and output.

ChatGPT developer pricing:
– Paid: Developers can sign up for the OpenAI API to access various AI models, with pricing varying by model and usage.

Comparison of Features: Gemini vs. ChatGPT
To get a sense of the capabilities of Gemini and ChatGPT, it is best to experiment with their free versions. Users can engage with Google Bard to explore Gemini Pro or try out ChatGPT with GPT-3.5.

Chat: Gemini Pro in Google Bard
Google Bard can be accessed through a web browser and is currently powered by Gemini Pro. It supports prompts with text, code, data, and uploaded images, and can respond with various types of content. Bard is designed to be multimodal and allows users to include custom instructions.

Chat: OpenAI ChatGPT features
ChatGPT is available on the web and as an app on Android, iPhone, and iPad. ChatGPT Plus provides access to GPT-4 and allows prompts with text, code, data, images, and documents. Like Bard, it can respond with different types of content, and also supports custom instructions.

API: Gemini vs. ChatGPT
Gemini Pro can be accessed via preview in Google AI Studio or Vertex AI, as well as through API. It is planned to be integrated into several Google services and products.

OpenAI offers a range of API access options for various AI models, including GPT-4 variants and others, as well as image and audio APIs.

Competing Areas in AI for OpenAI and Google
OpenAI and Google are competing in three key areas in the AI space. Firstly, it is a race to develop the most advanced and high-performing AI system. OpenAI’s GPT-4 has consistently outperformed other models, while Google claims Gemini Ultra matches or surpasses GPT-4 on certain benchmarks.

Secondly, there is a focus on building a sustainable business model for AI systems. Both OpenAI and Google have made significant investments in their respective platforms and aim to balance performance, features, and cost.

Lastly, there is a competition for public and developer mindshare. ChatGPT has gained rapid popularity and interest among the public, while Google has a strong presence and reputation in AI research. However, OpenAI’s leadership struggles may have impacted developer trust.

Choosing Between Gemini and ChatGPT
If you need to implement a widely used AI solution, OpenAI’s ChatGPT and API offerings may be the better choice, as Gemini Pro only became available to developers in December 2023.

In the long term, it is prudent to monitor and experiment with both Gemini and ChatGPT, as both companies strive to create useful and sustainable AI platforms.

Note: The information in this article is based on public information from OpenAI and Google, as well as personal experimentation with ChatGPT and Bard. It is recommended to refer to the companies’ official sources for the latest updates and features.

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