Interview with Travelex’s CEO, Richard Wazacz

Richard Wazacz, a tech-savvy chief executive with a strong background in digital businesses, took on the role of leading Travelex in June 2022 amidst the company’s transformation in the post-Covid era. His interest in utilizing technology to drive organizational growth and customer solutions was evident at the Mesh-AI Data & AI Symposium where he discussed building a successful enterprise data culture.

Wazacz, who previously led BrickVest and Octopus Energy, is focused on making Travelex a tech-savvy company that effectively uses technology. Following a challenging period for Travelex during the pandemic, Wazacz is driving the company towards new business areas by emphasizing data-led services to enhance customer experience.

Under his leadership, Travelex has successfully transitioned to digital services, with a significant increase in card sales at airports. The company is continuously exploring opportunities to expand its pre-paid card business, offering customers flexibility and security. With the support of Mesh-AI, Wazacz and his team are leveraging data to improve customer service, focusing on implementing a new CRM platform.

Looking ahead, Wazacz aims to further enhance Travelex’s tech capabilities to deliver innovative customer experiences. While he emphasizes the importance of being a tech-savvy user of technology rather than a pioneer of emerging technologies like AI, Wazacz remains committed to leveraging technology sensibly to drive business growth and enhance customer service.

As a seasoned business leader, Wazacz values building and nurturing great teams, recognizing the importance of giving people space to innovate and learn. He advises other digital and business leaders to create an environment where their teams can thrive while maintaining a focused approach towards solving specific problems. Through his leadership, Wazacz continues to drive Travelex’s digital transformation and position the company as a tech-savvy player in the financial services industry.

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