Improved Security: Atlassian Addresses Multiple Critical Vulnerabilities with Patches

Atlassian has released patches to address several critical vulnerabilities. The first vulnerability, CVE-2023-22522, is a template injection vulnerability in Confluence Data Centre and Confluence Server. This vulnerability allows an attacker to inject unsafe user input into a Confluence page, granting them remote code execution. It affects all versions of Confluence Data Centre and Server after version 4.0.0, and users are advised to upgrade to a fixed version.

Another vulnerability, CVE-2023-22524, is a remote code execution vulnerability in the Atlassian Companion App for MacOS. Attackers can use WebSockets to bypass the app’s blocklist and MacOS Gatekeeper, enabling the execution of code.

CVE-2023-22523 is a critical-rated bug in Asset Discovery in Jira Service Management Cloud, Server, and Data Centre. This vulnerability exists between the Assets Discovery application and the Assets Discovery agent, allowing attackers to gain privileged remote code execution.

Lastly, CVE-2022-1471 is a remote code execution deserialization bug in the SnakeYAML library, which is utilized in multiple Atlassian products such as Automation for Jira, BitBucket, Confluence, and Jira configurations. Patches are available for affected versions of these products.

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