How AI will drive enterprises to eradicate innovation-hindering silos


Published: 12 Feb 2024

As an advocate for enterprise developers, a major part of my role involves helping organizations identify and eliminate barriers in their development process that hinder innovation. While many businesses recognize the benefits of a streamlined development cycle, they often struggle with how to implement it effectively or are unwilling to make the necessary changes. Consequently, many organizations continue to operate in silos, preventing collaboration and hindering progress.

It is understandable that businesses face challenges in navigating the rapidly evolving landscape of software development. However, the root cause of these challenges is often organizational culture, rather than technology itself. Businesses are often resistant to change if their current practices appear sufficient at the moment. Ironically, the introduction of generative AI into the development process will drive a cultural shift in how enterprises embrace progressive software development. The impact of this shift cannot be underestimated.

Generative AI has significantly transformed software development, increasing developer productivity and potentially boosting global GDP by over $1.5tn by 2030. This has prompted businesses to recognize the importance of integrating AI into their development processes. However, many organizations still need to acknowledge that technology is an enabler, and it is their own culture and norms that hinder innovation. Businesses with a culture of open source collaboration are best positioned to benefit from AI implementation.

The link between productivity and speed of innovation is undeniable. Therefore, addressing stubborn silos and driving cultural change will become a top priority for business leaders at the C-level. Technological advancements like AI have the potential to dismantle rigid corporate structures and create a new era of innovation. Businesses that fail to adapt risk being left behind.

Chris Reddington, Senior Manager for Enterprise Advocacy (International) at Github.

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