Has It Remained Safe and Reliable?

LastPass, a password manager, has a rating of 3.4 stars out of 5. It offers a range of multi-factor authentication options and has a free plan available. However, the service has experienced two major data breaches in 2022, resulting in customer data being stolen. These breaches compromised encrypted and unencrypted data, including usernames, passwords, secure notes, and website URLs. Due to these security incidents, we cannot recommend LastPass as a safe option. It is advisable to consider alternative password managers such as Dashlane or Keeper, which have not reported any data breaches. LastPass pricing varies depending on the plan, with Premium starting at $3 per month, Families at $4 per month, and Business plans ranging from $4 to $7 per user per month. LastPass offers multiple features, including one-time passwords, country restrictions for logins, and a security dashboard. It also provides a wide range of authentication options, such as Google Authenticator and fingerprint authentication. LastPass has a user interface that some may consider outdated, but it offers a reliable password capture and replay experience. However, considering the recent data breaches and other security incidents, LastPass may not be worth the risk. Bitwarden and 1Password are recommended as alternative password managers that prioritize security and have not experienced any breaches or hacking.

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