Google Cloud focuses on incorporating AI into data analytics strategies

According to Gerrit Kazmaier, the vice-president and general manager for database, data analytics, and Looker at Google Cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play a significant role in leveraging the value of enterprise data. The combination of AI with conventional business intelligence tools allows for the integration of structured and unstructured data, enabling more complex analysis to be performed at faster speeds and with larger volumes of information than human experts. Google is leveraging its expertise in search, cloud resources, and the development of the transformer model to support its customers in unlocking the potential of AI tools, including generative AI, for their enterprise data. By bringing the power of AI to enterprise data, Google aims to provide businesses with a similar interface to Google search, making it accessible to every user within the organization. This approach of combining AI and analytics aligns with Google’s mission to make information universally accessible and useful. The company has outlined a roadmap to integrate AI into its analytics tools, allowing users to interact with business data using natural language and receive responses in natural language as well. This approach offers several advantages, including the ability to handle larger data volumes and a broader range of data sources, greater accuracy, and more iterative interaction with AI systems. The ultimate goal is to enable business intelligence to move beyond displaying data and provide meaningful interpretation, similar to professional analysts. By integrating AI into business intelligence, Google aims to address the changing needs of the data consumer and help businesses leverage the growing amount of enterprise data for driving valuable insights. AI systems can analyze unstructured data effectively, providing flexibility and availability for extracting information from it. With AI agents, businesses can gain deeper insights into their organizations and move beyond basic questions to understand the reasons behind trends.

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