Fujitsu Employees Given Guidelines on Government Contract Bidding Amid Self-Imposed Ban

Internal documents have revealed that Fujitsu provided its staff in the UK with instructions on how to bid for government contracts during a self-imposed ban on bidding. The leaked communications show that the company spent £27m on a project called Holly, which aimed to help Fujitsu navigate the ongoing Post Office Horizon scandal. The project engaged public relations, business ethics, and law firms. The flow diagram sent to staff provided guidance on bidding for contracts when a public sector body was not an existing customer. The document advised staff to determine if there was a unique selling point or potential for a failed procurement if they were to withdraw, and to escalate to Fujitsu’s head of public sector if needed. In response to questions about the bidding ban on a staff forum, Dave Riley, head of public sector at Fujitsu UK, described it as an “extra gateway” rather than a complete ban.

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