EU Condemns Fancy Bear for Targeting Czech and German Governments

The Fancy Bear cyber attack campaign, backed by Russian intelligence, has been condemned by the European Union (EU), Czechia, Germany, and other partners including the UK. The attacks targeted various email accounts belonging to political parties and government institutions. Several other EU member states have also been targeted. The EU called out Russia for its continuous pattern of irresponsible behavior in cyberspace, which undermines democratic institutions, government entities, and critical infrastructure. The EU, along with its member states, will work with international partners to ensure a secure and stable cyberspace and will take the necessary measures to respond to Russian cyber threats. Germany and Czechia also strongly condemned the cyber attacks and expressed their determination to counter such behavior with the help of European and international partners. The cyber attacks exploited a vulnerability in Microsoft Outlook and affected countries and organizations in various sectors. The UK joined the condemnation of Fancy Bear’s actions and emphasized the need to raise awareness about the threat and respond collectively with international partners.

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