DSIT Announces the Establishment of an Independent Institute to Support UK Semiconductor Strategy

The Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) is strengthening its commitment to the UK government’s £1bn Semiconductor Strategy by announcing plans to establish an independent institute. The UK Semiconductor Institute, separate from the UK government, will bring together businesses, academic institutions, and the private sector to support the growth of the semiconductor market in the United Kingdom. DSIT aims for the institute to provide chip researchers with the necessary tools and infrastructure to advance their work and transform their innovations into market-ready products. Additionally, the institute will serve as a central hub, facilitating connections and investments in the semiconductor sector for technology firms and overseas businesses. The launch of the UK Semiconductor Institute comes one year after the UK government’s public announcement of its Semiconductor Strategy, which includes a £1bn investment in semiconductor research and design over the next decade. TechUK, a UK tech trade body, praised the institute’s opening, highlighting its role in transforming the Semiconductor Strategy into actionable initiatives. The CEO of TechUK believes that the institute’s collaboration between government, universities, and the private sector will contribute to research and development, skill enhancement, and international collaboration, securing a strong and innovative future for the UK’s semiconductor industry. The CEO of CSA Catapult, an organization promoting the UK’s semiconductor industry, also commended the opening of the institute, emphasizing its strategic and coordinated approach to developing new technologies and leveraging existing strengths. Specifically, the UK Semiconductor Institute will play a crucial role in advancing compound semiconductors, supporting the country’s progress towards achieving its net-zero goals and establishing a resilient telecommunications network.

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