Discover 6 PowerShell Courses That Teach Automating Admin Tasks at $20

The 2024 Windows PowerShell Certification Bundle is a comprehensive learning library that helps you become a master in the PowerShell scripting framework. This bundle offers six full-length video courses that teach you how to automate everyday tasks and server administration. Normally priced at $78, you can get lifetime access to this training for just $19.99 through TechRepublic Academy.
PowerShell is a powerful automation solution for Windows, consisting of a command-line shell, a scripting language, and a configuration framework. By mastering PowerShell, you can efficiently automate various tasks and processes.
The 2024 Windows PowerShell Certification Bundle provides 18 hours of hands-on instruction, guiding you through the management of system processes, services, and the Event Viewer. You also learn how to use PowerShell with Task Scheduler, interact with databases, manage Active Directory, create validation scripts, and perform planned restarts. Additionally, you’ll gain knowledge on building graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and automating them with Python code.
This bundle is suitable for beginners, as it is taught by top-rated instructor Vijay Saini, who has extensive experience in the IT industry and has helped over 80,000 students. By purchasing The 2024 Windows PowerShell Certification Bundle for only $19.99, you’ll have lifetime on-demand access to all 18 hours of content, with a total value of $78. Keep in mind that prices and availability may change.

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