DeepL, the Language AI Trailblazer, Expands Pro Translation Options to Cater to APAC Businesses

Tech workers in APAC often face challenges with language barriers. While English is commonly used for cross-border business, effective communication can still be difficult, leading employees to rely on tools like Google Translate or ChatGPT. DeepL, a natural language processing AI model, offers translations in 32 languages and is expanding its presence in Australia and Singapore. Businesses can subscribe to DeepL’s Pro or API Pro services for document translation at scale or integration within workflows. DeepL’s focus on natural language translations sets it apart, aiming for fluency and effectiveness in communication. The company achieves this through neural machine translation and fine-tuning by native-speaking trainers. DeepL’s Pro and API subscriptions provide features like data security, unlimited text translations, and customization control. The tool can be integrated with various software tools and workflows, making it useful for businesses entering new markets or overcoming language barriers internally.

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