Deep Green, a startup focused on datacentre heat reuse, secures £200m investment from Octopus Energy

Deep Green, a datacentre compute provider focused on heat reuse, has secured £200m in investment from Octopus Energy’s generation branch. The funding will be used to help the UK-based startup expand its operations. Deep Green specializes in creating and deploying small-scale, edge-style datacentres that generate heat which can then be reused by businesses in various ways. One notable deployment involved setting up a heat-reusing datacentre at a leisure centre in Devon, projected to save the centre £20,000 annually in energy costs. With the financial backing from Octopus Energy, Deep Green aims to rapidly scale its technology across the country. Octopus Energy Generation’s CEO, Zoisa North-Bond, believes that Deep Green’s innovative heat reuse solution has the potential to save consumers money and address the energy crisis. Deep Green’s CEO, Mark Bjornsgaard, stated that the investment will support the company’s growth and transform waste heat into a valuable resource for communities. The UK government has long called for datacentre operators to better utilize the heat they produce. This approach has been more widely accepted in the Nordic countries, where heat generated by server farms is utilized in district heating schemes, urban farming, and manufacturing. British authorities have also emphasized the potential for reusing datacentre waste heat to achieve net-zero goals.

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