Datacentre operator in France prototypes technology to harness renewable energy from site’s waste heat

Data4, a French datacentre operator, is collaborating with the University of Paris-Saclay to find a sustainable solution for reusing waste server farm heat. The issue of waste heat disposal has been a longstanding problem for datacentre operators, but in recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on finding environmentally friendly solutions. Some operators have focused on using the waste heat to warm homes or local businesses, but Data4 and the university are exploring a circular economy-based approach. Their partnership involves using the captured carbon dioxide from the datacentre heat to cultivate algae, which can then be converted into biomass. The biomass will be used to create renewable energy sources and manufacture bioproducts for various industries. The organisations have conducted a feasibility study that revealed the high efficiency of carbon capture in this setup, making them confident in pursuing their prototype. Data4 aims to reduce greenhouse gases and meet the increasing demand for datacentres in an environmentally sustainable way. If the initial prototype proves successful, the company plans to industrialise the heat reuse process for the benefit of other organisations in the region.

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