Cyber Safety Force aims to reshape dialogue on risk

A team of cyber professionals with a shared goal of transforming the way businesses approach threat defense and risk management have come together to launch the Cyber Safety Force (CSF). Led by Performanta founder Guy Golan, 2020 Partners founder Greg Sim, former BP CISO Simon Hodgkinson, and myResilience co-founder Wolfgang Selzer, the group believes there is an urgent need for change in the industry. Currently, many organizations focus on cyber security compliance, which, in their view, only leads to minimal efforts in actual cyber safety. The CSF aims to challenge this mindset and introduce new principles to shift the focus from security to safety. They seek to empower organizations to manage cyber risk with transparency, accuracy, and contextualized information. While this concept is not entirely new, the CSF intends to provide clear principles and guidance to help organizations rethink their approach to cyber security. Co-founder Simon Hodgkinson believes it is crucial to view cyber security as seriously as physical security and adopt a cyber safety mindset. The CSF plans to provide its members with video content, panel discussions, expert insights, downloadable guides, blogs, and a LinkedIn presence. They also intend to share more information and host events online throughout 2024.

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