Currys’ Connected Media launch propels their data strategy to new heights

Susie Moan, CDO of Currys, states that a CDO’s journey is never complete as there is always more to be done. Two years after joining Currys as its first CDO, Moan helped launch Currys Connected Media, a retail media proposition that uses customer data to drive revenue. With the retail media market predicted to grow rapidly, Currys hopes that Connected Media will expose UK shoppers to a wider range of relevant products. Moan emphasizes the importance of collecting, protecting, and using data to enhance the customer experience. Currys has undergone a cloud architecture migration to break down data silos and has implemented Salesforce software to personalize online shopping experiences. The new retail media platform, Currys Tech Insights, provides brands with actionable insights on customer preferences, enabling targeted advertising. Moan emphasizes the collaborative approach with tech partners and the ongoing measurement and iteration of data strategy. She describes the launch of Connected Media as a significant step change in the company’s data strategy and a way of improving collaboration with brands and enhancing the customer experience.

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