Complete Guide to Cleantech: Everything You Should Know

With the global population growing, the demand for a wider range of products and services is increasing. However, this increased demand leads to production processes that create more waste, which poses a threat to the environment.
Luckily, there is a solution to this problem called cleantech, which stands for clean technology. Cleantech includes processes and systems that are environmentally friendly and meet society’s demands while also preserving our natural environment.
According to ReportLinker’s Global Clean Energy Technologies Industry 2023 report, the global market for clean energy technologies is projected to reach $448.8 billion by 2030, with an annual compound growth rate of 5.5%.
Because the cleantech market is expected to grow rapidly, it is important for those interested to familiarize themselves with the language and concepts associated with cleantech.
To help readers understand this evolving sector, TechRepublic Premium has created a glossary of 58 fundamental concepts related to cleantech. This resource breaks down the complex landscape of cleantech and provides definitions for terms such as carbon tax, decentralized energy systems, e-waste recycling, renewable portfolio standards, source reduction, clean energy, eco-labeling, and net zero emissions.
For those interested in learning more about these concepts, TechRepublic Premium offers a 13-page quick glossary for $19.

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